Nadia Oufrid Artist, lecturer, and researcher in theater and new technologies  

Nadia Oufrid is a Lebanese and Moroccan artist, lecturer, and researcher in theater and new technologies. Born in 1978, Marrakech (Morocco), she obtained her diploma from the Institut Supérieur d’Art Dramatique et d’Animation Culturelle (ISADAC), Rabat, and pursued her studies in Paris X where she obtained her Diploma of Profound Studies (DEA) on the city space in street theater in France. She participated in the second prefiguration of FAI AR (Formation Avancée Itinérante des Arts de La Rue) in Marseille, and has worked with many theater companies, such as « Plasticiens Volants » in France. Currently she lives and works in Lebanon where she teaches at the Lebanese University - Fine Arts Institute, Beirut.



Selected News:

La scénographie numérique, un principe actif des dispositifs de contrôle. 2017-06-30 @ Round Table "Creativity and cultural policies in the digital age" in the frame of the Human Rights Forum - Essaouira - Morocco.

Nadia Oufrid

Interview with Nadia Oufrid:

2017-07-13 / أستاذة ومبدعة لبنانية من أصل مغربي: لهذا أبشّر بالمسرح الرقمي

Other Selected Press Articles:

2017-06-30 / Forum du Festival Gnaoua : Quelle articulation entre la culture et le digital?
2017-06-30 / الصويرة .. منتدى الإبداع والسياسات الثقافية في العصر الرقمي
2017-06-27 / Spécial Festival Gnaoua : Forum “Créativité et Politiques Culturelles à l’ère du Numérique‎”

Dialogue. Lebanon (2008), Online non-stop digital theater play.

Nadia Oufrid

Enter "Dialogue" Web site

Presented in:

[2014 (19-29 May) @ X-perimental Art Exhibition III 2014, The Venue gallery, Beirut, Lebanon]
[2009 (27 Sept. to 6 Oct.) @ the Village des partenaires des Jeux de la Francophonie, in the frame of CREA NUMERICA, Beirut. Lebanon]
[2008 (November) @ artparis-AbuDhabi]
[2008 (October) @ Dawar el Shams (The Sunflower), in the frame of "The White Night" Beirut. Lebanon]
[2008 (June) @ "Lebanon Now", LAA Gallery, Beirut. Lebanon]

Selected Press Articles:

2009-10-09 / L'Hebdo Magazine
2009 / Art Plus
2008-11-15 / arskey

Amazigh Storyteller. Lebanon (2008), Online live cyberperformance on UpStage (The open source venue for online peformance).

Nadia Oufrid

Presented in:

[2008 @ 080808, the UpStage festival of online performance]

Selected Press Articles:

2008-08-10 / 080808 UpStage Festival

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